Why us?

Why us?

After nearly forty years in the Malaysian insurance industry, we have got to know the business inside and out. Over that time we have seen a lot of companies place their insurance in the hands of an agent or inexperienced broker because they offered the cheapest coverage.

Of course, this is a false economy because when a claim arises, the cheapest coverage is rarely the best.

We have also noticed how many brokers or agents claim to be independent when in fact they are often tied to one or maybe two insurance companies.

In such a situation, it is only natural that the broker or agent is aligned more with the insurance company than with the client. Invariably, if there is a claim the client finds he doesn’t have the coverage he thought he had. This can result in extensive delays when it comes to settling claims. Such delays can be expensive and even when the claim is finally settled, often more than a year later, the client receives only a fraction of what he expected.

Perinsuran Broker is a fully independent, privately owned company with no links to any insurance company. This means that we can source the best company with the best coverage at the best rates. And because we give the insurance companies so much business, when it comes to making a claim, we work tirelessly on YOUR behalf because we represent you, not the insurance company.

At Perinsuran we are fully aware of how important our claims service is to our clients. Our claims team are experienced specialists, focused on getting the best for our clients. Whether it is multiple claims in the marine or construction sectors or a single yet complex claim in the aviation sector requiring a meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that as one of the few truly independent insurance brokers in Malaysia, we offer advice that benefits you, the client and no one else.

Our claims team will work with your account manager and you in a collaborative manner, providing support and guidance throughout the process to make sure the insurance company pays quickly and in full.

If you would like to meet for an informal consultation about your insurance needs and how we can place your coverage at exceptional rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.