To ensure that we are able to deliver competitive and innovative solutions to all our clients in relation to their risk management needs, we access the global insurance markets in London (including Lloyd’s), the Far East, and Australia. With regards to P & I, we employ the same philosophy accessing all of the members of the international group of P & I clubs.

Our Marine clients include ship owners, port authorities, dredging companies and marine contractors. In addition, we also cover a variety of vessels, ranging from dredgers to tankers and from support vessels to yachts.

Types of Coverage Available:

Marine Hull

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Increased Value
  • War Risks (including Terrorism)
  • Loss of Hire
  • Builders / Construction Risks
  • Mortgagees Interest / Lessons Interest
  • Towage / Voyage Risks
  • Port Risks

Protection & Indemnity

  • Protection & Indemnity including Freight, Demurrage & Defense (F D & D)
  • Port Authorities & Liability

Marine Cargo

The Perinsuran team also covers all aspects of cargo in transit from heavy industries through to niche activities.

Businesses we cover include:


  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Trading Houses
  • Construction Companies
  • Oil Companies
  • Broadcasting Companies
  • Newspaper Companies
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Companies

Che Zulmaidi
Assistant General Manager

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+603 7960 4920
[email protected]

Tengku Nur Amirah Tengku Hasbullah

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+603 7960 4920
[email protected]

Types of Cargo

  • Reactors (for Polycrystalline Silicon Plant)
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Raw Materials
  • Rice
  • Perishable Products
  • Metals
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Newsprint Rolls
  • Aircraft Engines / Spares
  • Liquified Natural Gas
  • Fine Art
  • Automobiles

If you would like to meet for an informal consultation about your insurance needs and how we can place your coverage at exceptional rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.